Welcome to The Warwick

Andy, Jason and the team welcome you to their latest Pub venture, we hope you like it!

Just in case you were wondering, a Spirit House is a Thai home for any previous Spirit occupants of your building. So as not to anger the dispossessed beings, suitable accommodation is thus provided, allowing a harmonious living arrangement for all.

At the Warwick we aim to provide the same harmony for all too. Some will already know our love of the Far East and the elements we already incorporate to our pubs such as grand Day Beds, low level Opium tables and reclaimed Teak tables and chairs. Add to these, serene Stone carvings, unique artwork, and giant Buddha’s, all of which are for sale (except the Buddha’s), along with authentic food overseen by our head chef Udi and served in traditional Tiffin carriers.

British Colonial influences introduced Tiffin’s as a practical means on moving ready meals in a stack of metal containers, safely clipped together. You too can enjoy Tiffin’s for any occasion at The Warwick, the office or dinner party as a practical eco friendly way of eating.

We are happy to discuss all your catering requirements and watch out for Wok cooking classes, Thai karaoke and special events. Please enjoy our pubs!